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I’m baaack after a long maternity leave! I’ve got a lot of books lined up to review, especially since the school year (in the States) is starting up and I want to make sure my kids get Japanese practice in too.

The site needs some updating and I’ll be fixing some of the tags and categories as I go along. This site doesn’t have much content yet, but will be growing slowly yet surely. Any suggestions are appreciated!

As long as I’m reading books to my kids, I thought I would share book reviews with people for the sake of those who are just starting out reading Japanese and are not for sure which books to get. If you live outside of the country, it can be especially difficult to know which books are worth the money.

Let me help you find outstanding books for your family!

I have a particular interest in helping families who choose to homeschool. As such, I will be adding lots of links to get people started with resources for homeschooling in Japanese. I don’t need to include English, because there’s already a mountain of information out there for your viewing pleasure!

The pictures are not consistent yet, because I am still working on getting permission from the publishers. Some of the publishers have strict rules, so please be patient as I work to get the official pictures of the covers up.

I linked almost all cover pictures to the publishers’ websites if you want to see more information about a particular book.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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4) Ratings are for what you thought of the book, not my review. I have the ratings up for now, but if the system is abused, I might remove it.

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