1) Everything written on this site is the sole opinion of the author. I am not responsible for any negative outcomes resulting from the content of this blog. I do the best I can to research and thoroughly check everything you see, but I am human and can make mistakes.

2) Book selections are based upon what I like. As such there are some bestsellers missing from my lists–not based on content–but simply because I didn’t enjoy the book. Every person should make decisions for themselves and not base life choices on what’s popular or not.

3) I am free to delete and modify posts or delete and modify this entire website as I see fit.

4) You may NOT use the content of this blog for any purposes without the sole, explicit permission of the author.

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6) I do my best to check each book thoroughly, but I might occasionally miss something. I have not looked up all information about the authors of the books. If I have posted an author who is way out of line in their thinking, please correct me and I will remove the post.

7) Font size and word/character counts are added for your reference only and only to books for 5 years old and under. Font size can vary throughout the book, so I categorize books according to the font size of the main text. I do not guarantee that this information is error free, but it should always be very, very close. Counting is checked twice (sometimes thrice) to ensure accuracy. English and Japanese are very different languages, so these word/character counts do not reflect perfectly their English equivalents. The reader should always keep in mind whether particles are present or not when looking at word divisions and also keep in mind that sometimes one word division includes many words:

Example: ぞうさん かめさん = 2 word divisions = 3 words = Mr. Elephant and Mr. Turtle.

Example: どこどこどこ = 1 word division = 3 words = where, where, where

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a better way to count everything at the moment. Counting is not fun and takes a lot of time, so at least the counting will give you an approximate idea of what the book contains. You have to start somewhere.

8) When no name of the book title is given in English, I do my best to translate the text myself. My translations are not official and are subject to change if necessary–especially at the request of the publisher.

9) Age groups for the books are based upon my personal opinion and are not necessarily in line with the ages given by the publisher. Considering each publisher has their own set of standards for how they decide this, the only way for me to maintain consistency throughout my selections is to use my own standard. At a later time, I will be adding a new section for Reading Books, which will also be based upon my personal opinion. If you would like to see the standard set by each publisher, please visit their website.

10) If you notice any errors, please notify me as soon as possible so I can correct them.