Links to sites to get you started reading in Japanese:


Book Start
For those living in Japan, I got some great Japanese kids’ books for free from this NPO after my first daughter’s health check up. May God bless them for their generosity!

Books from Japan
I am not affiliated with this site, but they have over 500 reviews in English of kids’ books and Japanese juvenile literature. I look forward to the day I can have that many here on JBookMom.

Japan Book Publishers Association PDF
PDF of “An Introduction to Publishing in Japan 2017-2018” by Japan Book Publishers Association. This will give you an idea of what the publishing scene looks like in Japan, the current state of book sales, and the tragedy of book stores closing in massive numbers! This is a trend we need to help change!

Japan Library Association
English overview of Japan’s main organization overseeing and analyzing the libraries throughout Japan. The other big one is the Japan School Library Association (JSLA), but their website has no English available.


Wikipedia List of Christian Publishers
I’ll be looking more into each one of these in the future.


I am actively searching for good websites that promote great Japanese books (mainly for kids so far) and also partners who would be willing to do a guest post or maybe allow me to do a guest post on their site. I haven’t been able to find Christian mom blogs for books in Japanese, so if you happen to operate that kind of site, please drop me a line, so I can add you to the links section!

I also would love to partner with a Christian publisher to help get the word out about Christian books for kids. I actually don’t know of any famous Christian books for kids in Japanese, so I would love to promote whatever good stuff is out there!