Why Choose JBookMom?

There are thousands and thousands of books in Japan. Some good, some not. Do you really want to look through all those books on your own? Kids’ books don’t have a lot of text, but once you get into the higher levels, it can be a pain to go through every line. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to stick around:

Wholesome Books for the Whole Family!

I’m doing all the tedious work of checking each book’s content for you! I don’t waste my time posting negative reviews, so all books listed on JBookMom are good, wholesome fun. I will not bombard you with books that glorify fecal matter, bodily functions, or demons. Any content that might offend someone has been clearly labeled in the Side Notes section of each review. On top of all that, the easy-to-use sidebar makes it a snap to find what you are looking for at the click of a button. In the future I plan to have an advanced search option to make finding great books even easier!

Updated, Quality Books

I’m checking out the book-scene here in Japan to make sure that you are seeing top-of-line, quality books. No one wants to be stuck with out-of-print books that nobody reads anymore. I’m sure some books that go out of print do so unjustly, but it’s not easy to obtain a book for yourself once it leaves the printing presses for good. I realize that many of you would like to know the bestsellers over here in Japan, so stay tuned for more posts about top-selling books.

Christian Perspective

Many of the top books in Japan have content that can compromise a Christian home. I am doing my absolute best here to check each book for such content, so you can be worry-free in your selections! There is a “Side Note” section in some of the reviews to list anything that could potentially make people uncomfortable such as nudity (i.e. during breastfeeding) or violence (i.e. killing people). Since the word “Christian” can be a pretty broad-painting brush, let me be specific about what you’ll find and WON’T find here at JBookMom.

What You Won’t Find

No crass nudity
No senseless violence
No worship of other gods
No glorification of witchcraft
No teaching on evolution

What You Will Find

Yes to family
Yes to virtue
Yes to fun
Yes to language support
Yes to great links

I’ll be doing my best to review some Christian kids’ books as well, but since they don’t usually have them at the local library or bookstore, I’ll have to think of other ways to obtain them.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the site and God bless!